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  AHS Sanitizing & Disinfecting Solutions for Healthier Living

Accent Health Services - Hygiene - Sanitizing and Difinfecting Systems. The complete and "green" way to
remove dust mites, bacteria, bed bugs, commn viruses, pollen, fleas, mold and mildew spores, harmful allergens and other contaminants affecting people's health. No solutions or chemicals are used in the patented 'AHS' sanitizing process.

We Specialize in both Commercial and Residential Establishments

In a fast moving society like today, germs,
bacteria viruses, mold, bed bugs and other types of infestations enter homes, hotels, hospitals and other establishments throught many sources including but not limited to food, people, suite cases clothing, mail and pets.
  AHS provides the most efficient and the completely “green” application available to kill all the germs, bacteria, bed bugs, mold, fungi and other harmful contaminants without the use of chemicals or the fear of leaving any residuals.   Whether it is a Commercial or Residential environment we a fully equipped to provide you with  the appropriate sanitizing application based on your needs.    


A Seriouse Health Hazzard
Are you sleeping with the enemy?

Bed Bugs are found in mattresses, furniture and clothing and they feed off animal and human blood. There is an increasing concern due to the fact that bed bugs are showing up on a scale not seen since before World War ll, due to the rise in international travel and the elimination of a certain chemical used to fight them. High-traffic areas such as hotels, airplanes and cruise ships are especially prone to infestation.
The problem with Bed Bugs has to be treated by professionals. Even the EPA warns consumers not to treat the problem on their own or use strong outdoor pesticides to get rid of Bed Bugs and to seek trained professionals to properly eliminate the infestation.
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